HopHacks is a student-run, 36 hour Hackathon. This event brings engineers, designers and entreprenuers together to explore new ideas, compete for prizes and create amazing applications. It allows skilled students to showcase their hard work and knowledge. The great applications students build in the 36 hours are supposed to be a starting point for world changing ideas.

Inidividuals and teams of up to 4 people can work on whatever they like for the 36 hours and then present there project on Sunday morning. All of the prizes, including sponsored prizes, will be judged and announced at the presentation.


Any university student, regardless of university, may participate. Graduate and undergraduate students from all departments and divisions are welcome. 

You must register online and receive email confirmation before attending. Please be prepared to show your University ID upon check-in.


At the end of the hackathon, your team can submit a project on ChallengePost. Your project will then be judged during your 2 minute presentation during our scheduled presentation time.

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,592 in prizes

1st Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the highest overall score from the judges

2nd Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the second highest overall score from the judges

3rd Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the third highest overall score from the judges

Best User Experience

Sponsored by MissionData

Best Use of Open Data

Sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton

Best Accenture Training Vision

Sponsored by Accenture. Win a visit to the Accenture Technology Lab.

Best Pebble Hack

Sponsored by Major League Hacking. Win a Pebble Steel.

Best Use of AWS

Sponsored by Major League Hacking. Win 1tb hard drives.

Best Domain Name

Sponsored by Major League Hacking. Win a swag bag.

Most Innovative Hack

Sponsored by Textron Systems. Win a gift bag.

Easy To Use Hack That Helps A Broad Audience Of People

Sponsored by Bloomberg.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Brian Razzaque

Brian Razzaque
Social Toaster

Travis Poulsen

Travis Poulsen
JHMI Technology

Peter Froelich

Peter Froelich

Ilya Shpitser

Ilya Shpitser

Judging Criteria

  • Polish
    Judges will rate how polished your product and code looks, so make sure you submit the neat stuff!
  • Usefulness
    Judges will rate how well your product fills its intended need.
  • Creativity
    Judge will rate how unique and innovative your idea is.
  • Technical Difficulty
    Judges will rate how advanced your design and execution is, so don't be modest!

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